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Entry #1

Short Story : My Darling

2010-03-23 02:21:51 by Tayjon

Marsdon Wrightly nervously shifts through the darkness of Asher Avenue, weaving around the occasional street light glow. An excited bounce has made its way into his usually arthritic step, and he anxiously switches his prize from hand to hand. Tonight had been a successful night; as he had met with his new best friend and bought up what little he could afford to numb the ache that plagued him.

Veterinary joints Mars, the fucking places are chocked full of that shit. Fucking horse tranquiliser, pain killers; all that kind of shit and the stupid bastards hardly have security, it'd be a fucking breeze compared to other places you've done.

Flashes of colour pulsed through Mars' dilapidated room as images danced and contorted across the silent screen. Only these sudden washes of light gave hint to his figure curled in a far corner, highlighting the cigarette burns that dotted his shaved skull and gaunt face as he began to let his eyes fall shut. The long shifting shadows that sat around the room kept him company in his times of blank pleasure. He sat silently and thanked the scattered furniture and peeling wallpaper for casting him so many friends as he drifted, feeling his limbs relax, his head tilting forward as he fell to his dreams. Mars's tired eyes had long been feeding on images that would have darkened and shrivelled the eyes of any lesser man, gazing upon pictures of poverty, abuse and addiction. But, as if without a care for his sanity they still gorged day by day, long inhaling filth that two eyes could not swallow alone, spilling it like a tar, back through Mars' sockets to fill his skull and soak his brain with rotting memories.

You're the reason she left me, Mars, you know that right, don't you? Couldn't stand that her bastard son was ruining her life, she hated you, I hate you. I don't need your help, so fuck off. I bet some foster shithole will take you in if they don't realise that you're a piece of shit like we did'.

Rain clouds wisped and curled in the cold night air, sliding across the sky to embrace the full moon, holding back the glow that would have spot lighted Mars as he slipped through the dripping foliage surrounding his newest target.
He was no voyeuristic pervert but he took certain revelry in scoping places which he was going to break into. A feeling of power always swept over his usual uneasiness as he watched good citizens going about their business blissfully unaware of his gaze, not knowing that his stare would soon be creeping through the doors and windows they trusted were safe, fingering through the drawers and cupboards which they thought were safe; gazing over their sleeping bodies as he left with his new possessions.

Shifting further towards the back of the overgrown garden he waited, checking for nosey neighbours. This newest house had been recommended to him by a friend of sorts. 'I heard that they take in animals and fix them up or some shit. I don't know exactly, but who the fuck cares, all I know is they probably have some stuff'. Years of stealing people's belongings just to have some fat foreigner tell him that a gold watch can only be pawned for fifteen dollars had taken its toll on his patience. 'Go straight to the source' Mars thought. 'The plan makes perfect sense'.

An unseen smile cracked across his shadowed face as Mars crept under a tattered hedge towards a back window. He watched patiently as an elderly lady made her way into view, carrying cutlery to wash in what sounded like a running sink behind the window sill. 'An old woman, this is going to be too fu-fucking easy' he said to himself, squatting beneath the dark hedge, arms wrapped round his knees.

As he sat, clouds twisted in the sky to further choke the moon's gaze, placing a dark filter over the estate as the sky's light was all but swallowed up. The new darkness was what drew his short attention to a flickering glow, it was coming from what he figured would be the living room; quickly he shifted himself to all fours and began making his way around to the side of the house.
The shrub was thicker on this side than the other; forming a barrier from neighbours' prying eyes. Mars pressed his way through the dark undergrowth and branches as they pulled feebly at his face, until he reached the trunk of an old tree. Putting his stomach to the tree, he peered round to look through the house's open side door.

I just want everything to go, the memories, the pain. The hate I have for myself is an aching cancer in my head and stomach, I have no choice but to self medicate. It might be an addiction, but who fu-fucking cares, at least it's something to live for.

Turning further round the tree trunk to peer into the house, an old man came into Mars's view; in the dark living room, the man sat still, propped up in a chair at a two person dinner setting. One flickering candle sat upon the table, giving up enough glow to see that the man was not moving an inch, looking as if he were dead. The dancing light of the candle was only movement present on the man's face as he held his lifeless stare, looking out over the empty chair as if waiting for his wife to join him. Creases and lump like scars made their way across his face and neck, leading to his glazed still eyes, which looked so empty.
'What the fuck' Mars thought, 'Has this guy blinked?' Mars stared, his vision blurring as the wind whipped over his shadowed face, his body had frozen from intrigue and a strange uneasiness that filled him, his usual power trip deserting him for intense curiosity. Mars' eyes burned, but he dared not blink, as he may blink at the same time the still man did, ruining the waiting that he had already endured.

The moon sat dark in the sky, hidden beneath its blanket of cloud.
'Just blink you creepy fucker, I need to get back to stealing your shit' crept through Mars's mind as he hung to the old tree, like a shy child behind their parent's leg, forcing himself not to blink as the pain started to throb in his temples. Something obvious came to his mind, 'If this is meant to be some place that they fix up animals' he thought 'why the fuck can't I hear any animals?'. It was all too much, he needed to know; curiosity spread through his body, urging him to get down and crawl closer.

Carefully lowering down to a Crouch, Mars' knees began to muddy, he began inching closer while paying close attention to the still man, careful not to look away. Mars made his way slowly to the door, shifting forwards inch, by inch - the man sat still, Mars squirmed closer. Careful not to drop his eyes from the man, he gained some confidence and began to shift forwards faster; whoever he was, he wanted to know. He paused to check- staring - willing the still man to move in the back of his mind but also fearing that he would. A breeze tore over the ground and through the trees - the man sat still.
Mars's vision strained as the night wind harassed his face, then, as if by no action of his own, his eyelids pressed down, desperate to give him some comfort if only for a second.
Shooting his eyes back open, his attention went to the still man's candle, it flicked, lapping sideways weakly as the wind blew into the open side door.

Time seemed to stop as the candle's flame curled into smoke and plunged the house and surrounding garden into darkness.
The sudden pitch black sent Mars's senses into overdrive. He stood, listening to his heart thump; he could feel it as the sweat beaded down his neck, he could taste the candle smoke wafting from the open side door, his eyes swung violently in his sockets, offering him only black.
Mars knelt, feeling like the darkness would go on forever, but soon the clouds that hugged the moon began to curl away and let light pour.
Mars watched as the moon's light flowed over the thick garden, through the open door and into the living room, up the man's body, up the man's legs, up his arms - Mars stared. Up the man's shoulders the moonlight continued, up his neck - Mars still stared, his eyes followed the moving light - and stopped - his stomach dropped.

The still man stared back at Mars as the last of the moonlight slid up over his face, the man's head tilted violently sideways to look into Mars's eyes. Void of emotion the man slowly lifted his arm to Mars, gesturing for him to leave, his sickly hand swung back and forth from his wrist.

Mars snapped, his brain screamed white noise as he turned and ran, retching for breath as he bolted out of the garden and down the street; flying round a corner his foot slipped on the wet pavement, flinging his body across the street. Mars lay on his back as rain began to patter on his face. Blood made its way up from where the road had eaten the skin from his knee; watching the blood begin to run down his leg he smiled and began to laugh. Running his wet hands over his head he let out a long sigh.
"It's like I'm a k-kid" he laughed and thought 'That creepy old fuck really got you going, getting a bit paranoid from the shit'. Groaning, he pushed himself over to sit on the gutter. "What the fu-fuck came over me" he said to himself, picking the rocks out from his knee cap. "I'm going to need painkillers" he laughed.

Your dad has had a stroke Marsy, he's not going to be able to hurt us anymore.

Making his way back up the street a scowl made its way onto Mars's face, 'old bastard' he thought 'shooing me away, the old creep is probably so blind he thought I was a dog, reminds me of my father.' He turned the street corner and the house came back into view, 'let's get back and see what goodies you have old man'.

Silently Mars made his way back through the bushes to the window where he had seen the old lady. Flicking out his knife, he shakily slid it into the lock and pressed until it popped open. A cold wind blew loudly into the still house as Mars clambered inside; he rushed to get the window closed again and pressed it down tightly. Mars turned, taking in his surroundings - the air was thick; the old woman hadn't done a good job of her washing because the house smelt wrong. Making his way into the shadowed room he peered round for movement, dust gripped to his hands as he inspected the ornaments that lined the fireplace. Pictures of the old woman having tea with the man were propped up with various trinkets and trophies. 'The vet stuff must be out back' Mars thought, creeping through the house till he reached the door to the living room.

Mars paused, this was the room where the old man was sitting. He turned to look at the clock on the wall; 'three fifteen, they must have had their tea by now'. Carefully Mars turned the door handle, rancid air from the room sucked into Mars face. He gagged, covering his mouth as he peered inside to see the old man still sitting. Shocked, Mars turned back behind the door. 'That old lady is sick, she must have gone to bed and let this guy sit there and shit himself.' he thought. 'At least she re-lit that candle or he would have scared me shitless'. Taking a deep breath Mars turned and made his way in towards the man.

'Pumping yourself full of painkillers isn't the answer Marsdon, you can get help, talk to a psych about your father and mother, your life, tell them about everything that has happened to you. Just do it soon, or you're going to end up in jail, or worse'

He could see now that the two seats and small table were the only things in the dark room, save for the old curtains that hung in the background. The man sat as Mars walked closer,
'Hey old m-man, where do you keep the animal drugs', he tried to stay confident but his voice shook more, something about this man made him uneasy.

The room remained silent - 'didn't you hear me old man? You deaf as well as bl-blind?' Mars said, "Where are - the drugs - that you keep for the animals?", but only silence greeted Mars as the old man sat, unmoving.

Annoyed that he had such a scare from this pathetic old man, he began to lose his temper.
Mars made his way forward; staring at the man as he moved to sit in the empty seat.
"Are you completely deaf?" Mars asked, shaking his hand at the man's face. He sat back and frowned. There was something wrong with this guy, he leaned in close to the old man and stared at him, looking into his eyes he could see his own face reflected, the deep lines that ran under his eyes, the countless burns and scars that covered his neck and face accentuated by the candles glow; 'fuck' he thought 'I almost look worse than this old guy'. Mars sat silent, listening to the wind pressing against the windows as the old man sat, silent, looking vacantly towards him. 'That's it' Mars thought, pulling his flick knife out and scraping it on the table, "Tell me where the drugs are or I'm going to have to cut you up" he said calmly, reaching forwards and resting the blade on the old man's neck.

Mars's eyes widened as the knife sunk into the man's neck like it was wet tissue paper, tearing a hole that quickly ripped across the length of the man's neck. Mars dropped his knife and grabbed the man's neck tight and was half way through hysterically apologising when he paused, puzzled, realising the man's neck wasn't bleeding.

"W-What..." stuttered Mars, the colour dropping from his face as he removed his hand.
The cut tore open and began to spew rancid sawdust into the room, the man's sickly head deflating and falling backwards as the putrid dust poured from his neck. For a moment, Mars's brain began to try and make sense of the situation, but was cut short as he felt the sickening crack of metal tear the scalp from the back of his skull. Everything dropped out of focus as he lay face down on the ground, sawdust filling his throat as he struggled for breath. "What has he done to you my Darling" he heard the old woman shriek, as he fell out of consciousness.
Waking, Mars was gagged and naked. He tasted blood; a horrendous pain in the back of his mouth and head playing with his consciousness. Attempting to move he kicked but it was useless, the old lady had tied him down. The room was spinning as he looked up at the roof, cats, dogs and other animals lined the walls, this wasn't a vet's house.
Making her way forward, the old woman came into view, 'Why would you do that that to my darling?' she said, while sorting through tools on a bench. She grabbed a syringe. Moving closer in to lean over Mars, a smile slide through her leathered face; 'Oh never mind that now I guess; I've fixed him anyway'. Mars tilted his head over to see the old man lying near him, his head re-stuffed and awkwardly sewn, staring back at him with glazed glass eyes. The old woman pressed the syringe into his arm.
"I will be ever so happy to finally have some more company around; it used to be just me here working all day, that was until my darling here came for a visit, just like you, hold still."
Mars groaned through his gag as the old lady began to cut a deep line around his thigh, his vision dipping from the pain and drugs.

I'm leaving Marsy, I can't do it. Your dad put us through hell and I can't bear to have to look after him, wiping his ass as he swears at me. I want you to leave him to; he doesn't deserve you looking after him.

'Well it is a shame about this skin missing from your knee, I'm going to have to patch that' examined the old lady; Mars laid still, unable to move as the sedative began to pull all feeling from his body, he wondered dreamily what the old lady was doing, but it soon became clear; as she tucked her fingers into the cut and began to peel. The skin tore back slowly and easily as he watched her, tearing back like a carpet from his muscles gleaming crimson.

'I can't leave him Mum, he's still my Dad'

'Almost done my new darling' the old lady sighed as she slit the last flesh from his fingers, leaning over Mars she whispered and kissed him on the forehead, 'Goodnight my Darling', 'Goodnight' replied Mars, as the blade glided through his neck. The last of his blood pouring as
he drifted off slowly, his last thought lingering

'This is the best I have ever felt'


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2010-03-28 17:31:14

That last line... man, that's a grim tale.

Good work !